Romance Snooki-style!

You know who Snooki is, right? Even if you don’t watch Jersey Shore (Oh how I miss cable…) you should know who the human oompa-loompa with the big bump-it is by now. Here’s a visual aid, just in case you don’t know…

(sorry, I had to throw in the SNL Snooki cuz seriously, it’s the best ever!)

Anyway, apparently Snook and this hot soldier named Jeff Miranda hooked up a couple of weeks ago and now he’s proposed to her, shirtless (as it should be) on a magazine cover. I kinda think it’s the most romantic thing ever…

In all seriousness, it’s a pretty cool proposal, despite the fact that they’ve only known each other for two minutes weeks and I’m quite certain those two minutes weeks were filled with jager bombs, jello shots, and dirty dancing. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love in that situation? We’ve all been there, right? No? Just me? Hmmm.

So what do you think? Romantic? Foolish? Will she say yes? And do you think if they tie the knot her colors will be orange and brown? Probably not, cuz that would be like Snooki Camoflauge and we wouldn’t get to see her walk down the aisle.

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