prepare to be blinded by the cute

So Clementine the Tart (aka the pregnant teenage kitty who was abandoned in my yard) has popped. And here we are 6 weeks later, overloaded by the cuteness. These babies are ready for new homes. As much as I hate the idea of getting rid of them (because I do adore all of them) it is way past time. My back porch was supposed to be a beer garden, not a petting zoo.

Did you know that Dr. Pepper boxes make the best Kitteh hidey holes? True story. Here we have (from the left) Mayhem (she’s a striped calico) Chicken Nugget (aka Lemonjello he has a twin brother you’ll see in a second named Colonel Mustard aka Orangejello) and my favorite of them all Kitty G.

Colonel Mustard and Kitty G love to play. Col. Mustard apparently is part vampire. Go figure.

Chicken Nugget posing like a good little boy. That’s Mayhem looking for trouble behind Nugget.

Mayhem is a hot mess.

This is Charlie Chaplin. She’s so shy that I can never get any good pics of her. But she’s sweet as pie. She’s black and white and has a cute little black mustache…

I’m going to post more pics soon. I will continue to post pics until all the kittehs have found new homes. I don’t need anyone thinking I’m the crazy cat lady. I’ll NEVER get a date then!

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