I can’t wait for this weekend. I’ll be playing the role of Ship’s Captain all weekend long (or until I let a boy take over…) The boys and I are headed to Lake Ouachita and meeting friends there for what may be our last lake event of the year.

Birdrunner and her family will be there. My friend Carrie is planning to come. My friend Jenn C. will be there… which means there will be shenanigans galore. If not, then we have failed our task at hand.

Also, Razorback football starts this weekend. We’re hoping to be back at the house by the 6:00 game time to continue the party. Birdrunner suggested we get us some McClard’s BBQ for the game…and I think that sounds like a FINE idea.

In honor of the hogs, I give you my favorite version of the Razorback fight song.

Shake your booty, tutti-fruiti, pop ’em all upside the head! Let’s go for Arkansas! Yes lawd!

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