football, friends, food and fabulousness

The only reason this wasn’t a perfect weekend is because the Razorbacks lost a hard-fought game. A game they pretty much owned until the last quarter. It was exciting all the way down til the last few minutes. I was hoarse by the end of it all.

This was the moment we pulled ahead by ten and I thought we were gonna win the game. I’m not quite sure how the #10 team (us) played the #1 team so well only to drop 5 points in the polls. WTH?

After the game, we went to a local restaurant and sat on the deck to enjoy the sudden fall-like weather. I know it’s actually fall…but usually we don’t get these cool temps until well into October. El Jefe and I ordered calamari, and to my surprise, there were itty-bitty fried squids on the plate; not just calamari rings…

Ok, the little whole squid thing freaked me out a wee bit. Creepy! And of course, I think there is a GIANT MOMMA SQUID exacting her revenge on every fisherman in the sea because her tee-tiny baby squid was fried whole.

This is gonna be a busy week. Rader has football tomorrow night, Ian is off for fall break where he is working like a junkyard dog for his Nonnie, Ian will also be taking baby steps toward learning to drive this week…(shhhh, don’t tell him) and then Friday night will be the Michael Franti and Spearhead concert! I’m doing Bark for Life walk Saturday morning with Ruby and then Rader has soccer Saturday afternoon.

In between all that, I’m thinking we may take a trip to a corn maze…because even though they freak me out a whole lot, I still think it would be kinda fun. 🙂

What’s going on with y’all this week? Anything fun?

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