these boots were made for awesome

Love Fall is in the air…

At 5:30 this morning, I had my cup of coffee on my screened in porch wearing my gigantic orange sweatshirt and a snuggieeh. And a couple of kittehs and a puggeh. It was 48 degrees.

So guess what? I pulled out my awesome boots that are awesome and I wore them today. Behold the awesome boots that are awesome!

Now, was I ready for summer to be over? Not really. But foozball and boots I’m always ready for. And coffee on the porch wearing a snuggeh, kitteh and puggeh. Can’t really do that in the summer.

Speaking of puggeh and kitteh–check out Ruby and Chicken Nugget.


Kitty G is still unsure of the puggehness, but she’ll come around.

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