Feed My Frankenstein!

Tomorrow night you will find me rockin’ out at the Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper concert.

I’ve always wanted to see Alice Cooper–Rob Zombie will just be a nice bonus. 🙂
Did you know I had a rocker girl buried deep inside me? Of course you did!
I’ve always loved Alice Cooper… even back in the day when he was accused of being a devil worshipper (along with KISS and Ozzy and WASP, etc. etc. etc.). Heh I’m such a rebel. *cough*
My real love for Alice bloomed when I watched Wayne’s World. This scene right here should make everyone love Alice Cooper. He’s awesome and I’m not worthy.

Now I wanna see Wayne’s World again. Right now.

And just so Rob Zombie doesn’t feel left out, here’s my fav of his songs:

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