a Melf pet-peeve

Gather around, Internetz. Melf has a pet-peeve she’d like to discuss with you.

Halloween falls on the same date every year: October 31

So why is it that every time the holiday falls on a Sunday, the question arises “When do we celebrate Halloween?”

I truly don’t understand why this question is even asked. We celebrate Halloween on October 31…like we always do!

Okay, I bring this up because the county in which I currently reside (Saline) has voted that trick-or-treating will take place this year on Saturday.

And the reason they are giving for this? Because it’s on a school night and kids need their rest.


They’ve never passed a resolution on any other weekday in history to observe Halloween over the weekend instead of during the week. Are they saying that kids only need rest on Sunday nights?

This has absolutely nothing to do with being a school day and has everything to do with Halloween being a supposedly “evil” holiday and landing on a “holy” day. It’s crap, is what it is, and it gives me a rash.

You either celebrate Halloween or you don’t–and the day the holiday falls on shouldn’t matter. But to legislate the day an entire community must trick-or-treat to appease a few is beyond ridiculous. Halloween is on Sunday October 31, not on Saturday, October 30. If you come to my house Saturday night, I won’t be home…sorry. However, Sunday night, I will have a big bucket o’ candy waiting for you. Because THAT is Halloween–I don’t care what the Saline County Board of Whatevers say.

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