I haz a new hat! (& also a new snuggie…)

Look what was waiting for me when I arrived at El Jefe’s Friday night:awwwww. Somebody likes me!

This was an incredibly sweet gift considering the Razorbacks were actually playing Ole Miss on Saturday…

Oh yes, I thought it was very sweet…until I opened the wrapped present and discovered my brand new Ole Miss Snuggie. Bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha
Now, to be fair, I had this coming. I sorta kinda have been leaving little Razorback trinkets all over his house every time I visit and then I just wait until he finds them. Like when I got the text “I’m drinking my coffee out of my new Razorback mug.” a couple of weeks ago, which I had left in his dishwasher. It’s a game that makes me laugh…until I get something in return, such as an Ole Miss Snuggie.

I suppose it’s okay though…as long as there is never any photographic evidence of me snuggled up in the snuggie…unlike there is of El Jefe, wearing my Razorback hat…

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