a monday mel-o-jumble!

Saturday was so pretty and warm, El Jefe and I decided to climb Pinnacle Mountain. I haven’t done this in years…and let me tell you, if I thought my ass hurt after the Death March with Birdrunner on Thursday? Yeah, not-so-much after the climb to the top of Everest Pinnacle. But it was worth it. Check out the view:

After a beautiful day and lovely evening with friends, we woke to frost on Sunday. Bitter, yucky cold. Now, I knew it was coming, but seriously, I just like my warm weather. I’m not a cold weather girl unless there is snow on the ground. And even then, I’m pretty much done with it after two days.

Gimme sun, sand, surf!

In other weekend news, the terrorists kittehs have discovered the red laser. And Kitty G will climb walls to get to it. Hours of entertainment, y’all.

I blogged at Fictionistas today about Holiday music and my lack of Christmas Spirit…but I’m working on it. There is only one song I really wanna hear right now, and here’s my favorite commercial made from that song….

Hope y’all had a good weekend. Not doing my half-marathon training today…but we’ll get back to it tomorrow. I may do my Jillian Michaels DVD tonight, though. That woman can pack a punch in a 20 minute workout. She also scares me a little, so I’m afraid to slack off because I think she knows and can jump out of the TV and yell at me in person.

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