2011 Day the 2nd

The day the dynamic duo did DC…

Okay, so maybe we weren’t so dynamic. And maybe we only walked around DC for a couple of hours…work with me here!

It was overcast and rainy and slightly cold. DC wasn’t crowded, so we had no problems driving around (aside from a few Google Map misdirects) and parking was easy-peasy.

We decided to go visit Jefferson first since neither of us had done that on prior trips. Jefferson’s a big dude wearing a fur-lined pimp coat. I would NOT mess with him in a dark alley…just sayin’.

See how he towers over El Jefe? and in a PIMP COAT. Dude. He was rockin’ the presidency in style, yo.

We checked out the Washington Monument from afar…

Then went to pay Obama a visit to say thanks for being awesome. He wasn’t home.

Then we checked out the surrounding area, had a beer at The Laughing Man Tavern and dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill

And a good time was had by both.

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