in a nutshell

Frederick, MD is a pretty awesome place. And a big shout out to Caroline for putting us up.

I met some fantastic people:

Counted down the New Year:

And got my first (and hopefully not last!) kiss of 2011:

Day 1 of 2011 was spent in the haze of a slight coma. Then day 2, El Jefe and I hit DC for some sightseeing and some good eatin’. I have pics but don’t have time to mess with them today. Stay tuned…

In Razorback news: Well, what can we say. They could have won…they had ample opportunity to win, but they made some bad mistakes and it cost them. I’m not hatin’ on my hogs though. This was their first BCS bowl and they played with heart.

Happy New Year! I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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