t-minus 13

So the Little Rock Half-Marathon is in 13 days…and I’m a bit behind in my training thanks to the snow.

Birdrunner mentioned a program for the iPhone called Runkeeper so I downloaded the app and tried it out. It’s pretty nifty. You can turn on the verbal cues that will tell you your progress as you go. I have to say, it’s quite motivating because when my time was slowing down, I would pick up the pace and run.

Yeah. Me. Running. (stop laughing. Yes. Even you.) Okay, it’s more like “running” but still it’s a bit faster than “meandering.”

Today I did 6 miles in 1 hour and 22 minutes. Not gonna win any races at that pace and I’ll only be given nicknames like Speedracer or Speedy Gonzales ironically, but hey. Whatever. It works for me.

When the half is over, I’m gonna get a pedicure and possibly a massage. Because dammit, I will deserve both! 🙂
Go Team Melf!
In weekend news, it was obviously HEY LET’S WATCH CRAPPY MOVIES weekend, because damn did we not have any luck in the rental department. I didn’t find Dinner with Schmucks funny at all. I thought The Other Guys had its moments, and I did laugh out loud a few times, but overall, it wasn’t a winner. And if you want to watch an amazingly well acted movie that can only be described as painfully depressing, then please watch For Colored Girls. It was seriously one of the most depressing movies ever on earth. Probably even more depressing than The Road and that movie had cannibals in it. And also nobody bathed…
The only movie that was a success was The Social Network. It was well acted and enjoyable. I really like Jessie Eisenberg a lot. But if you wanna see a fantastic movie that he was in, check out Adventureland. It’s fantastic.
Hope you guys had a great weekend~

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