in less than a week…

We will begin to celebrate THE MONTH OF MEL!

Remember: A Mel-a-Day will keep the Doctor away!

I’m really stoked about this year’s Month of Mel! Lots of fun will be had by all. There will be a half-marathon, a birthday, a birthday celebration, a tattoo (possibly. Might have to wait til April…) tiaras, pedicures, A MANICURE! (Lola-the-ToeGirl just gasped. She’s been after me to do “something with my God-awful hands” for a while. Or as I like to say, my Man Hands.) We’ll have feathers, confetti, stories, pictures and ENDLESS fun.

I’m going to start off the Month of Mel by treating myself to a trip to my favorite online store: Pinup Girl Clothing

You know what’s great about being a full hourglass figure? Being able to wear sex-on-a stick clothing from Pinup Girl. Dangerous, curves ahead…

My first purchase will be a bathing suit because I have a girls’ trip to the beach in May… and I need something new to celebrate.

I’m leaning toward the cherries…

There’s also a 2 peice cherry that I love a whole lot but I’m not sure I’m ready to be that dangerous. (okay, I’m not sure the world is ready for it…)
Are you ready for THE MONTH OF MEL? (is anyone ever really ready?)

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