whew! what a weekend.

photo(122) See how tired Ruby is? Poor girl, she just can’t keep her head up.

(You should have heard her heavy sighs and puggly growly noises…)

So Friday I got to take Rader Tater to Oxford! Which means I got to see some dear friends and have a low-key dinner at a new-to-me place: The Bar on North Lamar…which is officially The Lamar Lounge.

The food was great and the atmosphere was chill and a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning, Drea and I walked to another of my favorite places, The Honeybee Bakery. Excellent brunch…but one of the weirdest experiences ever. For some reason, they thought it was appropriate to ask us to remove our hats! Um, no. This is not some ‘chi-chi’ swank place in New York. This is a bakery.  So we told them, yes we minded (OMG, we had just walked over a mile to get there, it was hot! And our hair was a mess under our hats) and we asked if we could sit outside to eat our brunch. They approved our request and we enjoyed our quiche and our hats.

The boys had decided to get their dad another frog item or a goat item for Father’s Day. (He has a thing about frogs and goats) We talked about a wind chime or something to hang up in the yard. I was given permission to do the frog hunting for them, since they weren’t able to get together and go themselves like they did for me. There is a new garden store on the west side of Oxford called The Barn and I found a really cool wrought iron and stone frog and the boys approved.

While we were out shopping, I finally got to try on a pair of MONKEY SHOES! I’ve wanted a pair since forever, and finally spoke to someone who was able to help me find the right oneW3333s to suit my needs. I really want to use them for my run/walks…I’ve always been a barefoot girl at heart, so I figure these shoes will be perfect for me.  (btw, the ‘real’ name of these shoes is Five Fingers, but whatever. They’re MONKEY SHOES!)  I can’t wait to order me a pair.  Probably next month! YAY ME!

I drove back to LR on Saturday, and watched The Dark Knight Rises with El Jefe and Ian. Then Sunday we had a cookout at the Compound with Lynne and Stacey Jay and her fam. Burgers, dogs, watermelon, guacamole, wine! It was an awesome day.

The weekend ended with the return of TRAINWRECK TV…also known as True Blood.

Oh, and Jefe is so damn sweet. He bought me some plant food for my maters and black out curtains for the boys’ rooms because he is so full of awesome.

Stay tuned for a letter to Walgreens…because after last Friday…we are NEVER, EVER, EVER getting back together.

What I’ll never understand…Black Friday

THIS pretty much sums up how I’ve always felt about Black Friday. I mean, we just celebrated a day of thanks and now we’re off to battle to the death for the best bargain?


You will find me at home, decorating for Christmas and watching movies with the boys. There will be wine, and pie and lots of smiles.

And please, if you’re gonna get out and shop this weekend, shop locally. Don’t give the damn conglomerates another reason to open earlier and earlier and deny their employees a holiday just so they can make a buck.


oops I did it again.

I went to Pinup Girl Clothing and started drooling daydreaming over several dresses. This may not end well…

But seriously, how hot are these dresses?

Yeah. I have a serious need…for more cash. HAH!

In the world of friendship, I hung with ALL-CAPS KRISTAL last night after hanging with two of my besties at SO where we enjoyed a nice bottle of Wirra Wirra Shiraz. YUM. That is all.

BTW, drinking wine on a Tuesday night and staying up past my bedtime was probably not the best idea now that I work full-time and am supposed to be respectable. (being respectable is overrated. Am I right?)

I started planning my new tattoo this week. The idea came to me in a dream and now I’m totally stoked. I need to go see Jud at 7th Street and discuss the design and see what he can work up for me. I wanna try to get it in June… YAY! Hopefully Carla will come take more pics for me again!

In failure news, I did not get to make cherry cobbler last night. But since I drank red wine I think that totally counts.

in less than a week…

We will begin to celebrate THE MONTH OF MEL!

Remember: A Mel-a-Day will keep the Doctor away!

I’m really stoked about this year’s Month of Mel! Lots of fun will be had by all. There will be a half-marathon, a birthday, a birthday celebration, a tattoo (possibly. Might have to wait til April…) tiaras, pedicures, A MANICURE! (Lola-the-ToeGirl just gasped. She’s been after me to do “something with my God-awful hands” for a while. Or as I like to say, my Man Hands.) We’ll have feathers, confetti, stories, pictures and ENDLESS fun.

I’m going to start off the Month of Mel by treating myself to a trip to my favorite online store: Pinup Girl Clothing

You know what’s great about being a full hourglass figure? Being able to wear sex-on-a stick clothing from Pinup Girl. Dangerous, curves ahead…

My first purchase will be a bathing suit because I have a girls’ trip to the beach in May… and I need something new to celebrate.

I’m leaning toward the cherries…

There’s also a 2 peice cherry that I love a whole lot but I’m not sure I’m ready to be that dangerous. (okay, I’m not sure the world is ready for it…)
Are you ready for THE MONTH OF MEL? (is anyone ever really ready?)

funky town

So I posted a pic of my hot new boots on FB yesterday, but I had to repost here because I’m still in love with them a lot.

Guess what? The sock monkey hat really compliments the boots. SASSY!

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, trying to figure my way out of it and not sure how to do it (except for shoe shopping…but then that sends my bank account into a funk.) I mean, I do the smiling, laughing, faking my way through the day crap and mostly I feel good but still the funk just hovers like a gray cloud. Not really a storm cloud, but it certainly isn’t full of sunshine and unicorns either.

And I realized last night that some of this is holiday hangover. It took a lot out of me this year. I had daydreamed all year long that somehow, some way this holiday season would be better than my last five or so, and even though it was in a lot of ways, it still wasn’t what I needed. (which is all my fault because I didn’t make it what I needed. I just allowed myself to survive. And frankly, that’s probably where some of this comes from. I don’t do well with just existing. I like to be an active participant…) So I’m still kinda recovering from that funktastic feeling.

Also, I haven’t exercised in 3 weeks, and trust me, that has a lot to do with my trip to Funky Town.

That’s changing today. I’m meeting Birdrunner at lunch and we’re gonna do the death march today. Which means I’ll be exhausted tonight, but that’s cool. I’ve gotta get back to walking an hour + a day…especially since I have a half marathon to do in a few weeks. And if we’re gonna have Team Melf gear, then Melf herself had better not be shaming the team!

dangerous curves ahead.

Do you know how strong my will power is?

Here, let me show you it:

My will is SO STRONG that I managed to walk away without buying this Spongebob skully and glove set. I wanted it. Oh, my how I wanted it. But I didn’t succumb to the bright yellow siren call. I walked on by.

Yes. If this were Oh Brother Where Art Thou, I would not be turned into a horny toad because I resisted the lure.

I did manage to do some damage at Forever 21 yesterday though (no age comments from the peanut gallery…I am NOT too old to shop there, so suck it.) New jeans and a gorgeous one shoulder assymetrical sweater that I will wear with my brown pencil skirt at my signing on Sunday. I’m gonna have to wear a Dangerous Curves Ahead warning sign. Eat your heart out Christina Hendricks! (haha! Ok, maybe not quite…but a girl can dream, right?)

Oh and btw, I’ve now decided that when they make a movie about my life, Christina Hendricks will be replacing Jennifer Coolidge (aka Stifler’s Mom) in the starring role. Because DAMN that it is one curvy, hot red head. It’s my dream! Let me live it!

I’ve got a big weekend planned with fun, friends, and football. If you’re lucky, I’ll post pics on Monday. 🙂

Y’all have a great weekend and Woo Pig Sooie! The Razorbackses is up in here…

the MONTH OF MEL: vintage dresses

Okay as part of my to do list for the MONTH OF MEL! I was tasked to shop online for a vintage dress.

I love vintage clothing. I totally love pin-up girl dresses and dresses from the ‘Mad Men’ era. Last year I bought a pin-up girl swimsuit. I love it.

These clothes were designed for curvy women. And just in case you haven’t met me, or seen me, I’m pretty damn curvy.

So I started looking for possible dresses and here are the ones I like the most. What do you think?