a nice surprise

Saturday afternoon, I popped over to fishdog’s house to pick up the kids. He wanted to show me he’d cleaned out the storage area (where he had very nicely boxed up all my romance novels in one box). We popped below the house to have a looksy. It was very neat and tidy. Who knew?

Anyway, he’d found my old 35 mm camera (not digital) and thought I might like to take the film to be processed somewhere. (do they still process film? haha) I took the camera and the boys and I went home.

Yesterday I was going through the bag, hoping maybe I’d stashed some cash inside…nope. No cash. But I did find something better…

My coin ring. I’d gotten this as a gift in high school. I always loved my coin ring because it was dainty and feminine…not like the manly rings everyone else had. I was thinking about this ring the other day, as a matter of fact….and look! Here it is! I bet I haven’t seen it in 8 years or more. (I bet when I get my pics developed I’ll be able to figure out exactly the year I last wore it…)

Here it is being modeled by Sarah Jessica Parker’s my Man Hands…
I had a great weekend. Made some new friends at the Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas meeting. I had fun chatting about my journey to publishing and just talking about the industry in general. Then they treated me to a very yummy lunch at Corky’s. I do love their hot BBQ sauce!
Afterward, there was an impromptu gathering on the patio at So. It was just too nice a day to go home…
The half-marathon is this Sunday. I sure hope Team Melf is gonna represent!
BTW: it’s my Monday at Fictionistas…where I ask the question: Who Are You?

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