2011: Month of Mel Day One

The Month of Mel has arrived…and with it, so have the daffodils! YAY flowers! and Spring! and Warmth! and Sunshine! and Me!

Check out Kitty G checking out the daffodils in my backyard. How sweet is that?

One thing I’ve missed over the past few years is my flowerbed. In Oxford, I built a ginormous bed which sometimes was way too much work…but the end result was always worth it. I had a beautiful rose garden at the end of the house, two giant star hibiscus, some gardenias (OMG I
This year, I’m not going to plant a garden, but I am going to do some potted plants & hanging baskets on my front porch. Daisies (my favoirite), sunroses, geraniums…anything with color. Because let’s face it, vivid is the only way to be. 🙂

This is gonna be a great day–I’m sparkling bright for day one of the Month of Mel…are you?

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