2011: Month of Mel Day Two


Once upon a time, there was a buxom (isn’t that a great word?) red-head named Melf. Melf wrote a book. A vampire book for teens. Melf sold that book in 2007…and then this other vampire book for teens MADE A BIG SPLASH.

And then Melf’s book came out…and the #1 question Melf was asked? “Do your vampires sparkle?”

And Melf’s answer? “I sparkle. My vampires do not.”

Welcome to the beginning of awesome. (BTW, I’m totally going to buy these shoes. Holy Crap how freaking sexy are they? Plus they are my favorite color AND THEY SPARKLE!)

In all seriousness, I love sparkle. It’s a great word when applied to how I feel most of the time. Sparkle is contagious, so I try to sprinkle my sparkle everywhere I go. The world is just a much better place when it’s all a-glitter. Don’t you think?

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