2011: Month of Mel Day 10 (and soon to be the Day of Ralph)

Look! Official proof I finished the half-marathon!

There are other pictures and even a video clip of me “running” across the finish line. Painful to watch. But hey, the goal was to finish…not finish with style. Hah!

Now onto the fun stuff! My friends Sara & Jim are somewhere in the ATL birfin’ a baby Ralphasaurus today! C’mon into the world, Ralph. There are loads of Aunties and Uncles who can’t wait to meet you!

I love sharing my month with very awesome people. And babies who are being born to awesome people. (who will naturally grow up to be awesome.)

Happy soon to be birthday, Ralph!

In other news, here’s what I’ve decided to give up for Lent:

Who’s with me?

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