in like a lion, out like an eskimo

Damn it’s cold for March 31. But the good news is, I just saw the sun! Now we have a 60% chance of rain today, but…BUT…that means we have a 40% chance of sun. And if I had a 40% chance of winning the lottery, guess who would be buying a ticket?

Check this out. I think my horoscope today told me to stop daydreaming. WTF? It of all things should know taht is impossible for a fishy girl like me…

The Moon’s current visit to dreamy Pisces places a veneer of glamour on even the most ordinary experiences. But don’t fall prey to believing your senses now, for that strategy only works if you’re able to maintain a healthy perspective. Mixing up objective reality with subjective thoughts is great for writing poetry, but not so good for mapping out your future reality.

Healthy perspective! Bwahahahahahaha!

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