pictures are worth thousands of words. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration

My weekend in pictures (and some brief narrative, because despite my lack of productivity in recent months, I am still a writer…)

Friday night… after fantastic pedicures with Robyn (go see Mickey at CK Nails on Cantrell. AWESOME) and while Ian was gallivanting about with his lovely girlfriend at the movies (they saw Thor and both said it was Surprisingly Awesome. Go figure) Rader and I had dinner with friends. We went to Salut where we had some of the absolute best homemade pasta I’ve ever eaten. Holy Spamoli I would have slapped my momma twice for the chicken cannelloni topped with fried spinach.

The next day, was soccer. All day of soccer. Down by the river…where I wish I had a van because the north wind was blowing and it was friggin’ cold. After game #1, Rader and I went to US Pizza for our favorite BBQ Chicken Pizza (it has jalapenos on it and is verra good)and this is where I took the pictures below:

My child is NOT RIGHT. He has all this hair, which I love…but it gets in his way during soccer. So we pull it back, but it falls out (well, it doesn’t now, thanks to my superior hair engineering abilities). Rader, being the sharp-as-a-tack guy that he is, took some pre-wrap and made a headband. I have referred to this as his Hair Injury.

Saturday night, we sat down with our tub of cheesy poufs to watch movies:

Yes, I had to fight them off my cheesy poufs. Ruby declared herself guardian of the pouf and Kitty G didn’t care. So she sat on my lap where she tried to take the poufs from my hands…

Sunday we had more soccer…and sadly the boys lost. Well, I am sad they lost, but not sad that I didn’t have to spend the rest of the day at Burns Park because I had 4+ hours of yard work to do. I don’t always have a lot of help, but Ruby decided she was all about John Deere Dreams this weekend.

When yard work was complete, Wolverine was put together…

And Trinity watched as El Jefe set up our HBOgo so that Rader and I can catch up on Game of Thrones which we are missing out on! I’m 4 shows behind now! The horror!!!

So…how was your weekend? Don’t worry if you didn’t get much done, I feel like I did enough for everyone!

ALSO: Please head to Fictionistas where my girl Stoney guest blogs today. You can follow Stoney on twitter [@stoneyboboney] and in the internetz at

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