legislating common sense

I get it. People who text and drive are dangerous. They are behind the wheel of a killing machine and they need to have both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. And I understand why this is a law. I have no beef with this.

But some states are contemplating making it illegal to text and walk because people are getting hurt. (in my world, this is called natural selection…)

Isn’t this taking things a bit far? I mean, if you are so involved in your email or text and you fall in a fountain, and then it gets posted to youtube for the world to see…shouldn’t that be enough punishment? Or if you’re texting and walking and fall into a manhole and land in a puddle of poop…isn’t that enough punishment? (btw, the parents sued the city. Really? Because I’m pretty sure her lack of attention to the GAPING HOLE IN THE STREET isn’t exactly the city’s fault. But that’s just me.)

I really don’t think natural selection should be legislated. The Darwin Awards would never be the same if we started legislating common sense…

Also, I text and walk all the time, so I may be eating my words soon. If you see me fall down a manhole, run into a tree, or fall into a fountain…please don’t remind me of this post. I don’t really like the taste of crow very much. (and please don’t post it to youtube either. heh)

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