4 days in 10 seconds [estimated]

  • Friday was unfun.
  • Saturday was a blast. Good friends and food and lots of fun.
  • Sunday stranded on the lake with a dead battery with the wind whipping us all over the water like we were Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan.
  • Jumping said dead battery by holding two boats together in the mad wind and choppy water.
  • Monday: Sore muscles from holding two boats together.
  • Yardwork. John Deere Dreams.
  • NEAR FATAL Spider bite on pinky finger by a stupid (now dead) spider that took up residence in my gardening glove.
  • Hanging with Birdrunner by the pool.
  • Bed early. Slept til 1:00. Up til 4:00.
  • Drinking coffee like it’s my lifeblood.

How was your holiday?

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