what the?

So let me ask you a quershtchen.

How is it possible that this tall-ass, long-haired hippy -like 13 year old rocking the 70s sweat band…

is the same kid rocking the pudgy 4th grade catholic school look in this picture?

These 2 pics are 4 years apart. Crazazy, huh?

I would gladly share a recent pic of Ian to compare the difference, but he isn’t a big fan of the camera. You’d think he was 17 or something. (big eye roll)

I have Bunko at my house on Friday night. Should be interesting as I’ve not had more than 2 people at a time over simultaneously. My house is rather small cozy. I’m looking forward to hosting the shindig though…

I’m hopefully also looking forward to Saturday… we will find out tomorrow if our tentative plans are a go. Everyone keep your fingers crossed because we need more of these types of pics–from this year:
I’m going to miss you tonight, Wine Wednesday. I have too much to do and no time to do it… We’ll see you next week!

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