prepare for the epic in cute: meet Bobcat Greyskull

A tee-tiny, itty-bitty kitteh adopted us this weekend. He’s barely 4 weeks old, has a broken and infected tail and is so skinny he makes Lara Flynn Boyle look obese.
I say he adopted us, but really, he adopted Ruby. And Baby Bear didn’t seem to mind him either.

El Jefe is taking him to the vet today. We expect he will lose his tail (though they might surprise us)… in preparation for the possible de-tailing (haha), we’ve named him Bobcat. And then Greyskull naturally, of course. And really, you have to call him Bobcat Greyskull because that’s his name, like Bettie Sue or Jim Bob. Anyway, El Jefe seems quite smitten with the little rascal. I’m wondering if Bobcat Greyskull will make it back to the compound… 🙂

Yesterday was a day of yard work and household duties. El Jefe became one with the John Deere while I potted some hanging baskets and cleaned off and straightened up my porch. Jefe also got to put his big bag of tools to use and fixed my bathroom faucet and porch door. Next on the list: cat door! (because the cats keep finding their way to my home. I think I’m running a House for Wayward Kittehs. This does NOT make me a cat lady. Yet.) (also, if I have dogs, doesn’t that automatically disqualify me from being a cat lady? yes. yes it does.)

I leave you today with a picpasm of more cuteness. Have a great week!

The yellow kitteh is Chicken Nugget. He and Ruby are pretty much BFFs…

Here is Ruby and Baby Bear checking out Bobcat Greyskull. Headbutts all around!
Trinity really enjoying a good brushing.

Baby Bear is too cool for school. Or my camera.

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