things and stuffs and things

  • I’m hoping to have both Bachelorette episodes 3&4 posted at HDJM today. There are some epic moments that must be given their proper attention. EPIC. MOMENTS.
  • Bobcat Greyskull will indeed be losing his tail, therefore earning his name after all. Probably will be next week some time. He’s doing great, though. When he wasn’t playing with Ruby he was sleeping on my chest. This morning he met Chicken Nugget, and although Nugget is slightly suspicious, he seems to be warming up to him. Nugget is a lover, not a fighter. Clementine is all “get out of my patio.” It will take her a while, but she’ll get there.
  • I found an itty-bitty 4-leaf clover walking to my office today.
  • It’s Day 2 of a short work week and I’m ready for Day 5 which will consist of driving to the lake, getting into the boat, tooling around the lake, getting sun.
  • Possibly some hiking will occur…
  • The kids were left with a chore list this morning as when I got home last night, my living room looked like a daycare had exploded in it. Candy, sodas, juice, jello, cereal, clothing, movies, socks, and shoes were just a few of the things scattered about the room. Most bedrooms are bigger than my living room. As you can imagine, I was not a happy mom.
  • I’m wondering if we can make Bobcat Greyskull a party barge cat…
  • Thanks to the boys (and fishdog) I now have an iPhone 4 (belated birthday gift) and I ❤ taking pics with it, so please see below for THE CUTE.

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