3 days of happy and broken down boat.

El Jefe and I took the mutts to Lake Ouachita this weekend. We arrived Friday afternoon, loaded everyone onto the party barge and took off to find the end of the earth.

A few weeks ago, we were there for the day, and the water was so high we actually had to be boated to the boat. The lake has receded quite a bit now, so all the land looks completely different. It’s kinda crazy.
Anyway, we really wanted to see how Trinity would do at the lake because
she’s such a water lover. Let me just say, she’s got to be a Mer-dog. She took to the lake like she had gills. Baby Bear, on the other hand, could have done without the whole floating truck-like thing. He’s pretty worn out, still. Poor dude. I think 3 days was just too much for his old ass. (he’s 14…) Ruby was Ruby. She’s not even close to being a waterdog but loves to wander around with her people and Trin. So she did a lot of wandering. And a lot of sleeping.

It was perfect weather this weekend. Breezy and warm but not scorching. We were joined Sunday by my brother and his two kids. And despite a few war wounds from conquering a couple of islands, and the party barge propeller giving out on Sunday forcing us to be towed in, we had a great time. Here’s a sample of what you missed.

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