fah-ah-ah-ling over you.

First off, my recap of Bachelorette Episode 3 is up at Hey Don’t Judge Me. I’m working on Episode 4 recap now and hoping to post it later today. Episode 3 was so Douchetastic I had a hard time writing up the recap. So much material, so little blogspace… (btw, the Mask de-masked himself…)


Let’s talk about grace baby.
Let’s talk about you and me.
Let’s talk about all the falls that I take, that you can see.
Let’s talk about grace. Let’s talk about grace…

Picture this. A girl with bright red hair and a large tattoo (definitely recognizable) is sauntering (because she saunters) along the sidewalk on the way to work (a college campus, mind you) when suddenly the sidewalk reaches up and grabs her foot (because surely she didn’t just trip) causing her to take a most ungraceful spill. EVER. Dust and skirt flying up, shoe flying off, and an entire construction crew and 2 young engineering students watching. It happened in slow motion, because all things awesome happen in slow mo.

The boys were a few feet behind the now completely embarrassed girl with the bright red hair and gallantly assist her off the ground and ask if she is okay. The girl looks at the boys, who are both red-faced and apparently even more embarrassed than the girl. The girl realizes this was probably the first time the boys had ever seen panties. The girl is glad they were cute panties. She resists the urge to show them her matching purple bra.

Now the girl is a little scratched up from the sidewalk and the tree root she landed on. Her ego is completely bruised and may not make a full recovery, so if you see the girl with the bright red hair and something seems different; it’s probably because she is mourning the loss of her dignity. It was all she had left, after all…

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