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Tonight we celebrate Jenn Christman’s bday. There will be margaritas involved. And sparkle. And possibly cookies.
Usually I have the Pomegranate margarita but recently I’ve discovered the Antonio Banderas La Bandera Margarita that is really, really yummy. It has a bit of Pomegranate and Midori and fresh squeezed lime and lemon juices as well as tequila and Cointreau. It packs a punch. A very tasty punch.
I also brought my shoes to wear tonight. You know which shoes I’m talking about, right?

Yes. THOSE SHOES. Because everyone’s birthday should be celebrated with these shoes…I wish I could wear them all day, but as we all know, I have trouble walking in flip flops sometimes…so there’s no way I’d ever attempt to walk on campus in these bad boys.
Also, today will mark the return of my SWEET BABY MACBOOK! Yippee! I have missed you SBMB. So. So. Much.
What else is going on? El Jefe’s dad is in town. He’s a hoot. They are heading to the Big Dam(n) Bridge this morning to check it out. Wish I could join them, but they expect me to show up at the office. Humph. I should get paid just for being me. Where’s that job? The interview would be like this: Mel, you are sparkletastic and we want to pay you 100 million billion dollars just for being you. How’s that sound?
Me (humbly of course) wow. I think that sounds reasonable. Thank you!
And then me and all my besties would run off to some beach, somewhere together…

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