an update on LUMPY the LONE DUKE OF HAZARD

El Jefe and I met at the Compound for lunch o check out the damage to the once awesome and pristine driveway of gravel.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, however, it was interesting. Lumpy totally caught air after he hit my culvert and I bet he didn’t land for 12 feet. It was pretty amazing actually. We found nails, rocks, truck parts, gloves, a paint pan, BBQ Sunflower seeds, a mint, and a quarter strewn about in the yard. Like WAY STREWN ABOUT. Almost to the house. His truck literally ripped the nails straight out of the landscape timbers. STRAIGHT OUT. AS IN NOT BENT. There are giant rocks that flew from my culvert and landed probably 50 yards away.
Behold Lumpy’s Trail of Tears. or would that be Beers?

Here is a collection of stuff from my front yard.

and yes. You are seeing that correctly. He killed my flamingo. Lumpy is gonna pay.

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