2013: Month of Mel Days 16-25

I took a blogging break for my birthday month. Sometimes a girl just needs a little downtime. So…let me catch you up.

My TreeFrog turned 19 on the 16th. We had Japanese food and pedicures to celebrate.

Rader went for Catholic High colors. Ian chose to be Emo Nemo with black toes and I really wanted a touch of spring, so I chose the lovely blue.

Last week, my friend Lynne did my lashes for me. And now my eyes POP.

It’s amazing how different having long lashes can make your eyes look. My natural lashes are thin, straight, short and blond. (sounds like my first boyfriend!) Curling and mascara don’t really help much.

I’m totes digging the lashes. I’m bangin’ hot now. (not that I wasn’t before. but whatever.)

It seems that Mother Nature decided that since I bought a convertible AND got my toes did, that she needed to punish me for wishful thinking. Spring has not sprung. I need some warm weather, stat. I need some sun on my skin, wind in my hair, and quality time on a boat. Sooner rather than later.

Hope you guys had a good week and weren’t too bored without me. I know, I miss y’all, too.

Hey Mom…

“For your birthday, do you want to do another spa day…just me, you, and Rader?”

Best. Sons. Ever.

Speaking of birthdays, Rader turns 15 on Wednesday.

Yes, This Child…


How lucky am I to be the mother of such a fantastic kid? (who will be driving soon? ACK!)

Pretty damn lucky.

I’ve done one thing right in my life, and it’s my two boys. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for a moment.

weekend update

There was a Hot Air Balloon festival in town this weekend…

 This balloon was Jefe’s favorite
 a rare photograph of both of us…

 This balloon was my favorite…of course. I love me some monkeys…

We tried to see the great evening take off on Saturday night…but it must have been too windy for the balloons to launch, so all we got to see was this:
I also went for a pedicure on Saturday, and Rader joined me again. It seems he really likes getting his toes did…
Yesterday I spent a lot of quality time with John Deere and ice cold beer. Even riding a lawn mower when it’s over 100 degrees outside is hard work! 
So, how was your weekend? Hope it started off or ended with a bang!

oh happy days

my itty-bitty momma, me, Ian and Rader

I’m a proud momma.

The graduation was standing room only. I ran in front of the stage when Ian’s name was called to get a picture. He didn’t pause for me to take a good one. While I was there, Rader took a pic of me taking a pic of Ian…I’m the red head in the middle. haha

The weekend was busy and tiring, but wonderful.

ION this week is gonna be awesome. I only work 2.5 days…Rader’s 8th Grade Convocation is Wednesday. I have stuff to do on Thursday…and Friday is SPA DAY WITH THE BOYS! (And my niece Taylor who I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I totes can’t wait to hug her neck) Rader is cutting his hair Friday and donating his mane to Locks of Love. I have a much needed hair appt as well…it’s time to amp up my Go-Go Red! and we are all getting pedicures. I’m also gonna get a mani…something I haven’t done in over a decade.

oh it’s a good friday indeed.

Bobcat Greyskull loves this azalea bush because of the butterflies. He’s the master of butterfly attacks and I try to be their protector, but sadly, he still manages to get one or two.

Clementine is hard core. Butterflies are for babies. She laughs at them. Yesterday, apparently she brought El Jefe a cardinal. I saw a giant crow in the field today and wondered where Clementine was hiding. I know she was plotting its demise.

So this is apparently Easter weekend. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. What this means for me? Mom’s baked ham. Mmmmmm.

Today is pedi day! I’m so excited because my disco toes now look like they’ve been used up in a back alley and left for dead.

In other news…my flower bed is sprouting! I planted Zinnias, Sweet William, Cosmos, Daisies (duh), Cornflower, and Foxglove. My house should be full of fresh cut flowers this summer. YAY!

So happy happy weekend to all my peeps. <–hurr (see what I did there? Easter? Peeps? Hurr Hurr!) I’ll see you Monday!

let’s talk about feet for a second, mmmkay?

Ok, I get it Internetz. Y’all really do have a foot fetish. I’ve talked about it before…and now, I’m here talking about it again, you know why?

There’s some dude in Conway, AR going around sucking women’s toes.


Look, I get it. Feet can be sexy. I mean, what’s not sexy about this?

But here’s my problem with this toe sucking thing (besides the fact that toe sucking in general gives me the giant squicks. And yes, that’s an official medical term.) HOW DID THIS DUDE GET THE WOMEN’S FEET TO HIS MOUTH? Because trust me, if his face was anywhere near my foot? The police would be taking my shoe impression directly from his face as evidence for his justifiable homicide.

What I’m saying is, I’d kick his skull in.Without. Remorse.

Because EW. Gross. Stranger Toe Danger. Keep your fungus tongue off my pretty toes.

Here’s something really funny…his description.

White male in his 40s with a pot belly. 

Um…I see him EVERYWHERE! NOBODY’S TOES ARE SAFE! (I better go get a pedicure this weekend, because seriously, if my feet are going to be evidence in a justifiable homicide case, they need to be pretty…)

Y’all have a great weekend. And try not to miss me too much. I know. It’ll be hard. But there’s always your dreams…

from bad to good

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. You wouldn’t have liked anything I had to say anyway, so it’s probably good that I just took some down time. I hate bad days, and I honestly thought yesterday was going to be the worst of the worst for a while.

But it actually turned out to be a really good day by the end, and that was a lovely surprise.

We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes which was actually a fantastic movie! (Hard to watch at times because really–who would be mean to a monkey? er, I mean ape?) Go see it. And then go read Melody’s recap at Hey Don’t Judge Me.

Then last night, it was so nice outside after a lovely day of rain, that we were able to enjoy lots of quality hammock time. (is it wrong that every time I say “Hammock Time” I actually hear it in my head like “Hammer Time?”) so from now on…you’ll hear it too: “Hammock Time–can’t touch this.”

and I had fun snapping pics of my feet because I’m weird like that.

You’re welcome.

a things and stuffs blog

Tonight we celebrate Jenn Christman’s bday. There will be margaritas involved. And sparkle. And possibly cookies.
Usually I have the Pomegranate margarita but recently I’ve discovered the Antonio Banderas La Bandera Margarita that is really, really yummy. It has a bit of Pomegranate and Midori and fresh squeezed lime and lemon juices as well as tequila and Cointreau. It packs a punch. A very tasty punch.
I also brought my shoes to wear tonight. You know which shoes I’m talking about, right?

Yes. THOSE SHOES. Because everyone’s birthday should be celebrated with these shoes…I wish I could wear them all day, but as we all know, I have trouble walking in flip flops sometimes…so there’s no way I’d ever attempt to walk on campus in these bad boys.
Also, today will mark the return of my SWEET BABY MACBOOK! Yippee! I have missed you SBMB. So. So. Much.
What else is going on? El Jefe’s dad is in town. He’s a hoot. They are heading to the Big Dam(n) Bridge this morning to check it out. Wish I could join them, but they expect me to show up at the office. Humph. I should get paid just for being me. Where’s that job? The interview would be like this: Mel, you are sparkletastic and we want to pay you 100 million billion dollars just for being you. How’s that sound?
Me (humbly of course) wow. I think that sounds reasonable. Thank you!
And then me and all my besties would run off to some beach, somewhere together…

the internetwebz has a foot fetish

So I check my statcounter daily to see what brings readers to my blog. (Other than my dedicated regular readers, who I love and adore with all my heart. Except for you. And you know why… heh) I get a lot of google searches looking for me and my books. That’s awesome.

I get a lot of MILF GENERATION or just MILF searches which usually takes them a blog from 2009 which features a Star Trek Next Generation corset. It’s sexy. And one day, I plan to wear it. BTW, I’ve now found a Darth Vader corset that might actually win out over the TNG corset…Oh yeah. Happy Halloween indeed.
Sorry. I lost my concentration for a moment.

Lately, one of the most common searches has been for feet. Now, look, I love pretty feet. I post pics of my shoes and my pedicures all the time. And the hands down, most popular google search has been MELISSA FRANCIS FEET and it takes them to this post. And this post from 2008 when I was partying in Boston (and when I was blond…)

What’s the common denominator in both blogs? This picture:

the internetwebz loves shoe porn. (so, which feet are mine in the foot orgy?)

I love shoe porn, too. Which brings me to my latest purchase. A shoe that I have fallen in love with. A shoe that makes my feet look sexy, my legs look long, and makes me almost 6 ft. tall. This is a that shoe I’m having to practice walking in because it’s higher than anything that has ever been on my feet. (never thought I’d see the day that I almost look down on El Jefe, unless I was standing on a ladder.)

And a shoe, that I seriously was able to purchase at LuLu’s in Oxford for 75% off…bringing the grand total to $15…which means even if I never walk in these shoes, they were worth the price.

There you go, internetwebz. Enjoy your newest google hit when you search Melissa Francis Feet. You’re welcome.