So every girl needs a compliment everyday once in a while. It’s funny how far something like “Hey beautiful” or “You look hot!” or “I love your smile” or even better “Have you lost weight?” will get you. I’m actually pretty sure sincere compliments will cure cancer. And Scoliosis. C’mon! you know you sit up straighter when you’re complimented!

Anyway…I do have a point here, and I think I’m finally ready to get to it…

Last night, Ian and I were catching up. He was very enthusiastic about my clean room (until I informed him he was to do the same to his room! har!!) and we were having fun checking out some of the old pics I found. One of which is me…lying on the beach wearing a bikini. The only bikini I ever owned and I’m quite certain this is the only picture of me in said bikini in existence.

Ian: That wasn’t very long ago, was it Mom?
Me: I was 21, so yes, 21 years ago.
Ian: You could wear that now.
Me: Very nice son! Your sucking up is really improving!
Ian: Really? But seriously, you know I think you’re really pretty, right?

Clean up aisle 9! There’s a puddle of Mel on the floor. Someone bring a mop and a bucket because she totally just MELted. (har har!)

Best compliment ever. I mean EVER.

his sucking up REALLY has improved…

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