Start Me Up! er STAT me up!

We haven’t done a stats blog in a while. I always find what people “google” to find my website very, very interesting. (by the way, when I do these blogs I always think “Stat Me Up” but then start singing “Start Me Up” by the Stones… Go figure…)

I’m getting a lot of searches for CNBC Anchor Melissa Francis again. She must be stirring the controversy pot or wearing lots of cleavage shirts on the boob tube (hee hee!) You know, to show off her healthy lungs. I’ve blogged about her before…and even did an interview with her… CNBC Melissa Francis (sorry some of the picture links and direct links to archived blogs are still broken.)

She’s very funny to chat with. I nearly had a stroke the day she emailed me a couple of years ago suggesting I post a few naked pics of her (well, her
head on Meghan Fox’s body) so she could mooch off the attention.

Best. Email. Ever. I’m gonna have to let her know people seem to be very interested in seeing her naked again. And they really like her legs, too. And cleavage. I get it, Internetz! CNBC Melissa Francis is hot! Fine. Hmph. This is my blog and I’m hot, too. Uh. nevermind.

I’ve had a significant increase of people actually looking for Melissa Francis the Writer. <— hey! that’s me! I’ve had a lot of MILF searches, as well. <—- Hey that’s me! Some Lucas Black/Sling Blade searches, and one:

Marry Me, Melissa.

Wow. Where’s my ring? I won’t even consider this a real proposal without a ring. Got it? Also, I need a few details before I commit to a lifetime with you. First off, what’s your name? Are you gainfully employeed? Will I be allowed to continue to date El Jefe?

My favorite two recent search terms?

Secret deoderant how to open

small, blonde country singer singing about bitchin’ about her man. <–I did NOT make that up. Someone from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania searched for that. Sorry to say, I’m pretty sure you didn’t find what you were looking for.

In other news, I’ve been experiencing an increased amount of anxiety lately and I don’t like it. Nope, not one bit. I know there are things that I can’t control and I used to let that stuff roll off my back like water, but lately I’ve been letting it seep in and make my blood boil. Not healthy. So I think I’m going to start running again. Okay, “running” again. Because when I exercise regularly, my blood is too tired to boil…
In other Other news… the Old 97’s have a new album out this week… Must. Have. ❤ ❤ ❤
In other Other OTHER news… we had Wine Wednesday last night for my friend Cathie’s bday but I just drank water (see anxiety. Booze = bad news for high BP…even though I like to pretend it really relaxes me…) So it was Wineless Wednesday. I have it on good authority (the voices in my head) that Kim Cattrall Crawford missed me terribly. BUT…I also have it on better authority that she’s still on sale for $13.99 at Colonial Wine and Spirits…usually she’s $18.99 a bottle…I may have to stock up. For medicinal purposes. Er, I mean for when I’m no longer allowing stupid shit to bother me…

In other Other OTHER OTHER… yeah, I got nuffin. I’m done here. Have a very happy Thursday!

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