I blame Max

For introducing me to blueberry vodka. From now on…it’s all his fault. Always.

Oxford was fun. We swam, played, rested, rinse, repeat. The weather was damn near perfect! I think it was only mid-80s on Saturday, which felt like a damn cold wave compared to the triple digits we’d been experiencing lately.
Many, many thanks to the Watson’s for giving us a bed to sleep in and a pool to swim in and a fridge to store our beverages in! (I think I left my hair dryer…oops)
We saw HP7 part deux while in town. I liked the movie a lot and thought that overall they did the series justice with way they filmed it. Snape’s story line was beautifully told and very touching. I got a little tear a couple of times, but didn’t openly cry like I had been warned I would do. Guess I’m hardcore and didn’t even know it.
I think I might try to actually WRITE SOMETHING this week. I spent much of the drive plotting a couple of story ideas…something I haven’t really done in a long time. When I wrote BITE ME and LOVE SUCKS I actually plotted them out during my drives from Oxford to Little Rock. I guess the only thing that has changed is the direction of the drive…wish me luck!

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