hazy shade of weekend exhaustion

I love this song, just wanted to share..

The weekend was a good one spent with friends and the boys and of course, El Jefe. It was also slightly stressful at times, but some of that was my own fault. I think (hope) the source of the stress is no longer going to be a problem. Because I don’t really do stress well. It just isn’t in my general make up. It sucks me of all my energy and sparkle. And honestly, Melf without sparkle is no Melf at all.

After spending a lovely Friday evening with my girl Dee Squared, the guys and I watched a couple of movies. Well, they watched the movies, I apparently fell into a coma. So Saturday, after shopping Tax Free with everyone else in the state of Arkansas, I rewatched The Adjustment Bureau and The Green Hornet. I really enjoyed both movies.

Then we rented Rango and King’s Speech. Rango was graphically pretty amazing, and the movie was cute, too. King’s Speech wouldn’t play for me. *sad face*

Yesterday was the final swim day at Birdrunner’s before she leaves the sweet house with a pool for a sweet house with an awesome water feature. 🙂 Ruby and I spent some QT cooling off…

Then a storm blew through so we exited the pool and continued to play inside…

I need all the caffeines in the world today. All of them. I had some crazy dreams all night and it feels like I Forrest Gumped it across America and back in my sleep.

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