from bad to good

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. You wouldn’t have liked anything I had to say anyway, so it’s probably good that I just took some down time. I hate bad days, and I honestly thought yesterday was going to be the worst of the worst for a while.

But it actually turned out to be a really good day by the end, and that was a lovely surprise.

We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes which was actually a fantastic movie! (Hard to watch at times because really–who would be mean to a monkey? er, I mean ape?) Go see it. And then go read Melody’s recap at Hey Don’t Judge Me.

Then last night, it was so nice outside after a lovely day of rain, that we were able to enjoy lots of quality hammock time. (is it wrong that every time I say “Hammock Time” I actually hear it in my head like “Hammer Time?”) so from now on…you’ll hear it too: “Hammock Time–can’t touch this.”

and I had fun snapping pics of my feet because I’m weird like that.

You’re welcome.

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