weekend run down

Friday night… a lovely evening on the screened in porch while a summer storm tried its best to beat us down. We prevailed.

Saturday, El Jefe and I headed over to the Crater of Diamonds State Park where we had every intention of finding all the diamonds. Ever.

Mission incomplete.

We did come home completely exhausted with a pocket full of rocks so it was not a total bust. I mean, who doesn’t want a pocket full of rocks?

Sunday, after many morning hours of lounging in the hammock…I finally got vertical, grabbed a beer and jumped onto the John Deere to get my mowing on. The Compound was starting to look a little overgrown…especially after getting rained on for 3 days last week. I mowed for probably 3 hours or so, then Jefe came back over and he pulled out the big guns…and started to power wash the porch and the patio furniture I want to repaint.

Project started! YAY!

In other news, due to some unforeseen stress last week, I have fallen behind on my recaps for Hey Don’t Judge Me. I will be working hard today to get all caught up. Thanks for understanding!

Oh and just for funsies, check out Rader playing guitar over the weekend. He’s been taking lessons for about 2 months now…. Recognize the song?

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