happy pancake day, my ass.

Dammit, how can you have a happy pancake day when you’re serious about your training. I’m working hard and I can’t be distracted by the flapjack of goodness right now!

LOL Who am I kidding. I freaking love pancakes and I may make my very tasty super secret recipe pancakes tonight. If I make them silver dollar size, then they can be a dessert. And I’ll save the batter and make the boys pancakes for breakfast tomorrow….Mmmmmmm. My mouth just watered.

In other news, last night was my successful return to BootyCamp. My elbow is still hurting and I had to modify some of the exercises to work around the injury, but overall, it felt great. I’ve promoted myself from Beginner BootyCamp to Regular BootyCamp. It was definitely a harder workout, but I enjoyed it (as much as one can enjoy such things.)

This morning didn’t feel so great and I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m sure it was all those endorphins swimming around in my body.  When I did sleep, my dreams were awesome….

Stairs have been a challenge today…heh.

I’ll be hitting the gym at lunch to work out the kinks and soreness. See what a good girl I am? I deserve my pancakes…

Hope you guys have a happy Tuesday. I’ll have my Bachelor Recap posted at HDJM today…you’ll wanna check that out if you’re into milking goats in Montana….

Workout Wednesday…

My days of Wine Wednesdays are gone for now. Do I miss them? Well, sure! I miss hanging with my girls on Wednesdays the most…however, I’m really enjoying my workouts, too. And I love the way my body is responding to regaining its fitness.

Yesterday, I added five 30 second sprints throughout my 30 minute run. I read that adding sprints to your runs will actually help you burn an additional 200 calories. It also increases your endurance without increasing your workout time. Since I’m working 7 days a week and it’s still getting dark too early, I can’t do my once-a-week long endurance walk/run. So I have to try to increase my endurance in the shortest amount of time possible.

I’m super-stoked about doing the 1/2 Marathon again.

I was a little disappointed to discover that recording my abdominal workouts on myfitnesspal.com doesn’t actually give me credit for additional calories burned. Hmph. I think if I do 200+ crunches a night, I’m burning some damn calories.

OH! And I think my elbow is healed enough that I can start BootyCamp again! I’m graduating myself from Beginner BootyCamp to Big Girl BootyCamp! I’m stoked. I just have to use light weights in the beginning so as not to re-injure my arm.

This weekend, we finally got a chance to start moving the storm debris down to the burn pile. Them was some heavy branches, let me just tell ya. We tried to move the branches in the front yard with the tractor, but they wouldn’t budge. Next up…a chainsaw.

This tree in the backyard is probably going to have to be completely removed. Sigh. It was such a pretty tree…

What’s going on in your world? Any fun news? Anyone really that concerned that Beyonce lip-synced at the Inauguration? no? Me either. This is NOT news, people, nor is it important.

Oh yeah: My Bachelor Recap is up at Hey Don’t Judge Me.…Go read the crazy and fill your eyes with Shirtless Sean…

It’s that time again!

So while everyone was wasting their time, watching the Alabama game…(seriously, did anyone think that Notre Dame even stood a chance?) I was watching The Bachelor. And my recap is posted for your reading pleasure.

(BTW, I did not root for Alabama. I don’t like them and I can’T root for them just because they’re SEC. I also don’t like Notre Dame, so I didn’t root for anyone. Well, that’s not true. I sorta rooted for a meteor to fall from the sky and land on the stadium…)

Looks like this season of Bachelor is going to be full of more insecure crazy bitches. It’s like they’ve never watched the show before. Where do they find these women?

I’m sorry girls, but being insecure isn’t sexy. Sure, we all have those moments, but when you’re threatened by another woman because they got the first rose, or they got a hug, or they have a nicer rack than you, then all you’re doing is making yourself look sad. ON NATIONAL TV. And your snide, petty, catty remarks, even under your breath, show who you really are…and now we all know.

Of course, it would make for boring TV if they didn’t have the crazies…and let’s face it, real life is full of crazies, too…so I suppose they fit on “Reality TV”.

I went to the gym yesterday. I felt great when finished. I’m heading at lunch again today. I am happy to report that 5 weeks off of bootycamp did not hurt me too badly.

You know, I never worry that much about my weight. Sure, I wanna lose weight so I can be healthier, but I don’t worry about my size.  Sexy is a state of mind. It’s an attitude. And honey, I’m a force to be reckoned with! Yesterday, I was heading back to my office from the gym and a man stopped me to tell me that he always loves seeing me on campus. He said “Your hair catches my eye, but your beautiful smile is what I enjoy seeing the most.” And then he called me lovely. AND I WAS IN GYM CLOTHES AND SWEATING.

Trust me. I didn’t stop smiling all day after that. Feeling good about yourself is always good, but hearing it…especially from an unexpected source like that, is the bombdiggity.

Smile! It keeps you young and makes you feel beautiful!

weekend recap

This sums up Saturday:

This sums up Sunday:

And last night I watched the Bachelorette Finale with Robyn and managed to stay awake long enough to write a recap.

Happy Monday y’all. Only 4 more days til I’m at the lake with my friends and the boys having a damn dandy time!


Sometimes reality hits you like a skillet to the face.

I realized yesterday that come August, I will have a Freshman in high school and a Freshman in college. Wow. Where did the time go?

I’m not a big cry-baby momma on first days of school. I got a little choked up when Rader was in Kindergarten and he got on the bus for the very first time. I was pretty teary when Ian graduated High School. But for the most part, I’ve always been sending them off to school with a freedom booty dance.

This year might be a little different. My tree frog and monkey are both big boys now. wow.

I’ll let y’all know if I get verklempt.

Oh. And check this out…

heh. Yep. Gotcha! They see me Rick-rollin’…

If you haven’t been over to HDJM, my Bachelorette Men Tell All recap is up! Go forth and enjoy…


I’m all meh today. Tuesday is mehday. Meh. Bleh. Blah.

I went home feeling like I was gonna hurl yesterday, had a headache all day and night and still had a headache this morning. So I took a sick day to try to get over the mehday.


The good news is, my Bachelorette recap is live at HDJM. I can’t believe I actually like Emily and the 3 guys she’s taken to the end. That just doesn’t happen. Usually at this point, I barely like any of them, much less all of them.

Oh, check this weird flower-vine-weed-whatever out. Can anyone identify it for me? It’s growing around our pond and it’s pretty cool looking, for an alien. Yeah, I kinda think it’s an alien.

Happy 5th!

Did my American friends enjoy your day off yesterday (if you had one?) Did you soak up sun and booze and shoot imaginary fireworks? Sorry about the burn bans. No sparklers for us this year!

We had a great day at JChris’s new apartment. We cooked out, laid out, and let it all hang out.  There was even some water volleyball.

BTW, my Bachelorette Hometown Date recap is posted. Sorry it was late. My internets at the house has been out so that makes for posting things to the internet very difficult. Hopefully ATT will sort this out today. No Me Gusta.

Today I get my hurs did! Yay!

do the humpty hump, do the humpty hump!

Hey y’all! It’s humpday! Woot!

My Bachelorette recap was posted at Hey Don’t Judge Me yesterday. Get thee over and read. It is pure joy…in a trashy sorta way. Also, there might be some panty-melting going on. Because damn that Arie is sexy when he kisses Emily. SEX. EE.

This weekend it will be just me and the dogs and I’m really looking forward to some quiet time and possibly some pool time somewhere. Or maybe me and the mutts will head to the lake… The boat is out of commission, but that doesn’t mean I can’t lie around on a floaty or on a lounge chair with a beer in my hand while the doggies frolic about like otters.

Besides…I need to work on my tan.

[insert witty title of your choice]

Gonna take care of some business on the front end… You know I write the recaps for The Bachelor/Bachelorette over at Hey Don’t Judge Me right? Well, I have some very good news…Starting in July, I’ll be recapping Season 1 of Once Upon a Time…2 shows a week to bring us to the beginning of Season 2 in September! So…Please bookmark Hey Don’t Judge Me and like our Facebook page. We have some fantastic writers over there who recap and review all sorts of shows and movies and what not. For example, we added Dr. Who this week. I KNOW RIGHT? Awesome.

Oh. and now I have a Tumblr account because Stoney told me to get one. And I always do what I’m told. So I’ll be posting little what nots about the shows I’m recapping there. And other what nots. There will probably be posts about wine. And possibly some talk about the zombie apocalypse. I might even solve the world’s problems. So if you’re into that sorta thing, follow me. If not, well, why are you reading my blog anyway?

In news of discovery, I have been totally using El Jefe’s razor, and I am now going to have to go get my own, because WOW. This thing works! My legs are awesome. AND now they are smoov too!

Seriously. The battery power makes all the difference.

 Hmmm. What else is going on? Today is the longest day of the year…and I’m stuck at work instead of soaking up all the sunshine at the lake. I think this should be a mandatory day off…don’t you?