new addiction

Yes. I’m totally addicted to the new photo apps…but I’m also addicted to Pinterest. I swore I wasn’t gonna give in to my urges and sign up…yet, here I am. All signed up. Follow me if you want. I have no idea what all I’m going to be pinning, but hey, it could be interesting.

For instance, I saw this yesterday and it was my first pin… Or technically, it was my first “repin” but whatever.

I love this and I think EVERYONE should read it and apply it. 

In other addiction news, it’s Super Cheese Tuesday (also known as game day) and  Rader is wearing another of his amazing outfits. He really knows how to piece together a look.

The coach just asks them to wear a tie on game day. The rest of the outfit…is all Rader. You’re welcome.

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