weekend recap AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Robyn, aka Birdrunner. I am so happy we are friends!

The boys and I had a very relaxing weekend. Both kids had soccer, I had to help mom with some computer issues which are STILL unresolved, I ended up having my own computer issues…which hopefully will be resolved this week. I do NOT want to buy a new computer. Grumble. Moan.

I also caught up on some much needed rest. It also rained yesterday so we got out of lawn duty. Which just means I’ll be catching up all week…

And if you’re following my Project Runway recaps at Hey Don’t Judge Me, I’m caught up through Ep. 7 and have high hopes of having Ep. 8 up by morning.

In other fun news, I’ve downloaded some fun picture apps. Hipstamatic (which takes digital pics and makes them look analog. Holy crap I’m gonna go broke adding on the extras. But damn the photos are cool) Instagram and PE Studio. All kinds of fun stuff with these apps. Check it out:

Oh boy. I’m never gonna stop with the pictures now. Sorry guys.

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