another Friday, another smile.

I saw this today and it made me LOL. My parenting theory has been if I’m going to pay for their therapy anyway, I should make sure they have something to talk about…

So yesterday was a good day, even though I had one stressful event that sent my adrenaline into overdrive. Last night, after I bought all the things in Target, I came home, put my music on shuffle, grabbed a beverage of the adult variety and took a STEAMING HOT bath.


I need a bath pillow and a bath tray that will hold my book for me, and then my sanctuary will be perfect. Okay, that’s not true, my sanctuary will be perfect when I have those things plus this:

While my music was shuffling along, a song came on that I had forgotten how much I love.
STUTTERING (Kiss Me Again) by Ben’s Brother. Enjoy…

Happy Friday, Bitches!

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