wine, cheese, football and FIRE!

We started the weekend off at a Wine and Cheese function at Greg Thompson Fine Art on Friday. It was a lot of fun and the art was fantastic. (There was a painting that actually cost more than the first house I bought…)

Don’t we look great? Why yes, yes we do.

Then Saturday, we jumped out of bed and immediately set things on fire.


Ruby couldn’t get close enough to the fire. She seriously would have laid down on the burning coals if we had let her. That doggy loves herself some heat. Trin Trin was a little smarter and kept her distance.

The Razorbacks won their game against SC, Ole Miss lost again, and in the battle for first place, LSU beat Alabama. Now,  I did NOT root for Alabama, I rooted against LSU (because I can’t find it in my heart to ever root for LSU unless they are playing those damn gators.) Even though I hate that LSU won, it’s actually better for the Hogs…

Sunday we hit the ground burning again, except we added some John Deere time to the mix. I also did a lot of sawing.

We’ll probably do another burning before the year is out, but I think this was our last date with John Deere for 2011. Thanks for the lawnmance, JD. It’s been great.

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