T-minus 10 days

In just 10 days, this group of rapscallions will be reunited (minus James BOO + Outside-the-Womb Ralphasaurus YAY) for a weekend of frivolity and shenanigans. It will be a good time.

We are staying in an awesome house on the lake that has its own tower. What’s not to love about a house with a tower?

Check out the property info here if you’re interested. It looks like a great place and the property owners have been very easy to work with.

What’s the reason for this gathering? Well it’s El Jefe’s birthday next week. And you know I’m a big believer in birthday celebrations. I’d love to celebrate El Jefevember, but he doesn’t like to make a fuss. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of fuss.

We’re having a birthday dinner Saturday night where I will cook up something delicious. We will possibly do a Spa day in the Spa City and we’ll eat cake. Because it’s just not a birthday without cake.

I wonder if I can get him to wear a tiara? If not, I will… you know how I love my sparkle.

Can’t wait to see the peeps next week. It’s gonna be a great time!

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