I just lost my nomination for Mother of the Century

I have been derelict in my duties as a mother. I have failed my children. HORRIBLY. I may not be able to recover my Mother of the year decade century ALL THE YEARS  x  ∞ = MELF tiara. (it was very sparkly.)

When my kid put on this get up over the weekend, immediately El Jefe and I started laughing and saying “Shitter’s full!”

And he didn’t get the reference.

OMG. What have I done?

Okay, so it’s a cape and not a robe…and there’s not a cigar in sight, but still…c’mon! That’s funny stuff right there…

And sadly the funny was lost on my son, because I have failed him. I haven’t made it a holiday tradition of watching Christmas Vacation OVER AND OVER AND OVER every year like I should have.

That ends this week… It’s on, boys. I will regain my tiara and you will deliriously happy with your forced entertainment of the holiday season. 


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