sick and wet. and sick of being wet.

I’ve been under the weather since Wednesday evening. I left work early on Thursday and pretty much slept through Friday. Felt great on Saturday, so naturally, I over did it by working outside then going to a holiday soiree…which means I barely got out of bed yesterday. It was totally worth it, btw…

Now, part of that was sheer laziness. It was a gloomy, cold, rainy day. Okay, all of it was laziness. Fine. You caught me.

Today it’s still gloomy and rainy…I’m sure that the clouds are trying to RAIN ALL THE RAINS because the forecast in the immediate future is wet, wet, and wet.

Fine. It’s wet. I get it. So I went from wearing these boots on Saturday night:

To these boots today. Hmmm. Can you wear fishnets with duck boots?

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