winner winner chicken dinner

Race day was fantastic! Meet Cal Dela Casa, aka Callie. She is my friends’ horse and she finished in a dead heat in the 3rd race. It was amazing to see.

Also, I bet on her, so it was amazing to cash in. Friday was a winning day for me, though I don’t really bet enough to win big, I did come home with more money than I left with.

 I wore my lucky hat. Well it’s lucky now, anyway.

 Me and Jenn. Aren’t we cute?

 Sam was there again! And we both wore red. Kismet.

Me, Dee, and Laura. Ain’t we sweet?

In other news, I made sum YUMTASTIC  fish tacos on Saturday and some crock pot chicken yesterday that made me wanna slap my momma. (Shhh. don’t tell her I said that.)

Today is beautiful, I’m feeling all a-sparkle, and you guys better be twinkling along with me. That’s an order.

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