good grief!

Just when I thought I was feeling better, Lucy would pull the football out from under me again.

Damn you, Lucy!

But, after a weekend of only working 3.5 hours each day and sleeping damn near the rest of the time…I can finally say, I feel better.

Sparkly, even!

Thank goodness. Because last week was the most unfun I’ve had in a long time and I hope we do not have a repeat anytime soon…

January…what a bleh month. We’re getting some freezing rain today, possibly some snow. Probably not gonna be anything like what we had over the holidays, but still…I don’t like being at work when the stuff starts falling. Let’s hope it just blows on through.

It was 75 degrees on Saturday…and it’s 25 degrees right now. Arkansas! There is nothing predictable about our weather!

Oaklawn opened Friday…and for the first time in forever, I wasn’t there. So sad. The girls will be planning a day soon, and I can’t wait. I do love my days at the races with my crew.

Speaking of my crew…damn I miss everyone. What a weird past couple of months I’ve had. I’m working on weekends now, so I’m exhausted by the time I finish with work and can’t make it to the PartyHood. I haven’t made it to Girl’s Night Out since early November, and that feels weird. Jefe and I haven’t been able to go out in forever either…I’m kind of ready to get back to the social aspect of my life…when I can fit it in, that is.

Rader’s birthday is at the end of this month, and he sent his father an I an email with his wishlist. His note said :

I included price, html, and name of item(s). You’re Welcome. Fishdog and I were joking this morning that this was the equivalent to our days of marking pages and items in the Sears Catalog. (which is how I got my awesome Barbie Country Camper, back in the day.)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is starting off with a sparkle!

winner winner chicken dinner

Race day was fantastic! Meet Cal Dela Casa, aka Callie. She is my friends’ horse and she finished in a dead heat in the 3rd race. It was amazing to see.

Also, I bet on her, so it was amazing to cash in. Friday was a winning day for me, though I don’t really bet enough to win big, I did come home with more money than I left with.

 I wore my lucky hat. Well it’s lucky now, anyway.

 Me and Jenn. Aren’t we cute?

 Sam was there again! And we both wore red. Kismet.

Me, Dee, and Laura. Ain’t we sweet?

In other news, I made sum YUMTASTIC  fish tacos on Saturday and some crock pot chicken yesterday that made me wanna slap my momma. (Shhh. don’t tell her I said that.)

Today is beautiful, I’m feeling all a-sparkle, and you guys better be twinkling along with me. That’s an order.

Humpday Melfellaneous

My Bachelor Ben episode 2 recap is up at Hey Don’t Judge Me and it’s a doozy. Wow, I’m guessing emotionally disturbed must be a requirement to even apply. I love the crazy so much…it’s almost painful.

Please come by and chat me up. I love talking about the Craymazing Ho-testants. Also, have you liked our Hey Don’t Judge Me Facebook page? Why not?

 In other news, Friday is opening day at Oaklawn! Y’all, I CAN. NOT. WAIT. Last year, it snowed on opening day and then they rescheduled it and I had to miss it. I’m not gonna lie when I say my spring just never quite seemed to get back in line after that. It was the first girl’s opening day trip that I missed and I NEVER WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN. I actually only got to go once last year. Just. One. Time! Dudes, that is not okay.

I’m not sure that we’re gonna have the car and driver this year like we usually do. I’m hoping so, but things are up in the air right now. It doesn’t matter though, because we’re going. Even if I have to ride a pack mule to get there. Hahah. Slight exaggeration…

Here are some of my favorite pics over the years…

 I call these ladies the Shining Twins. They are really so nice. I’ve seen them almost every opening day.

Here’s the Pimp. Yes that’s a full length fur coat. The first year I saw him, I just snapped a pic. The next year, he posed with me.

We could probably also call this post, the many faces of Melf. haha.

bad news; good news

The bad new is, the stupid weather people are predicting more stupid snow tomorrow night and Wednesday. Like 6-10 inches of stupid snow, apparently.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I think that’s stupid. No me gusta.

There is some good news though. Saturday it is going to be sunny and in the 50s…which is perfect weather for the horse races!

I haven’t been this year yet, which is highly unusual. This is the first year in probably 10 or more that I didn’t get to do opening day. (which was delayed a day due to freaking weather…) But this weekend, we will be going with friends…and it will be El Jefe’s first time.

I love a horse race virgin. I’m planning a sacrifice. Possibly involving chickens and unicorns. The horse racing gods will be pleased. They love unicorns.

I’m planning to power through this freaking week by pretending the snow doesn’t exist and hoping the weather dudes are wrong. And then I will point and laugh at them gleefully.

Here’s some pics from last year’s trips to Oaklawn. I really can’t wait for us to hang with our friends, drink some really good beer and do a little gambling.

In other news, I started a new project this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s going to be something I actually pursue as a book, but it really felt good to write again!

Zenyatta! Biggie! pictures!

We had a great time yesterday! Check it out. I got a couple of great pictures of Zenyatta (click here if you don’t know who she is…) She’s still undefeated and she’s running in the Apple Blossom race Saturday today at Oaklawn and I was so excited to get to see her live and in person!!

And here’s Dee with Z
and here I am with Biggie. This horse was such a flirt. He liked looking for carrots in my pockets…pockets I didn’t have. So he lifted my skirt a couple of times thinking maybe I was hiding carrots under it. Um, sorry Biggie. No carrots hidden there. I promise!

meet Biggie

This is Big in Argentina aka ‘Biggie’

We also sometimes refer to him as Mr. Big.

My friend DeeDee is part owner of Biggie and this pretty boy will be running this afternoon at Oaklawn.

And I will be there cheering him on. With gusto. And maybe even bells on.

I will be sure to take lots of pics. Of course our regular girls night out will follow after the big race. Here’s hoping Mr. Big brings home a big win!

If that happens, drinks are on me!!!!

tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…


Me and my girls are gonna go see the ponies run, like we do every year on opening day. Pictures to follow next week. I can’t wait!

if you wann read about previous trips, and see pics of me with Hot Springs’ very own version of Huggy Bear, click the “oaklawn” label at the bottom of this post and enjoy!

I’m still alive–but

But the house isn’t finished. I swear, next time I go on strike, I’m going to prepare and freeze 2 months of meals in advance and hire a weekly housekeeper. (of course, I hope by ‘next time’ I’ll already have a housekeeper coming every other week…) I live in a frat house with animals.

So today’s goal is the living room, finish the laundry, mop all the floors, and organize my bedroom closet.

Part of the organizing is going to entail getting rid of shoes I don’t wear, as well as all the clothes I’ve ‘undergrown’ (because I’m not going back).

I’m also going to the gym today…I registered for my March 15 race this morning, so I have to make sure I’m going to be able to actually run that bitch. YAY ME!

I posted some pics on Ficitonistas from Saturday’s day with the boys at the races. Pop over and see them! I’m also going to be over at FCR today sometime. It’s Monday, so I’m making the rounds!