are you a Belieber? Tom Brady is…

I have to admit, I had a great time texting my friend the Godfodda pics of Tom Brady and making fun of the Pats. I was team Ravenclaw all the way, and we had mucho fun ribbing each other before the game.

Here’s a sample of the fun:

GodFodda: It is going to be awesome tomorrow watching the best QB in history go to another Super Bowl?

Me: Eli?

GF: He can’t wear his brother’s jock much less Mr. Brady’s.


GF: Now that’s funny. Untrue; but funny.

Then I shared a few more photos with him:

Tom Brady is a Belieber!

Tebow and Brady:  A Match Made in Heaven 
Naturally, when we arrived at the GodFodda’s house to watch the game, we were both raring to go. I was decked out in my Purple and Black:
And he was all, “Go Pats.”
So when the Ravens blew it in the end (Bless that kicker’s heart) the GodFodda brought out some very special Tom Brady champagne to celebrate:
I drank it because it was made from the Tears of Tim Tebow… 

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