where did the week go?

It’s amazing how fast this week has flown by! We got right back into the groove of things with guitar lessons and work, and soccer, and, and, and…yeah. Busy.

My Sweet Baby Mac has been returned to me with a brand new hard drive. She’s beautiful and I love her so much. Now I can write comfortably again!

BTW, did you check out this week’s Bachelor recap?

We also have SouthLAnd recaps and Glee! is back with a  yummy cocktail recipe to go along with a fabulous recap. I don’t watch Glee! but I always read Stoney’s recaps…because she is witty and her cocktails are yummy.
Did I tell you guys that I showed up to work on Monday only to discover campus was closed. yeah. I am a dull bulb sometimes. In my defense, I’ve never worked anywhere that was closed on MLK Day. It was actually a nice surprise to have an unexpected day off…

Apparently there are a lot of people interested in “Love Coupons” as it has been the #1 search term that has been bringing people to my blog. (The 2nd term has been “feet”. The intertubes has a foot fetish.) Anyway, I mentioned “love coupons” in a blog last year, and I’m getting tons of traffic this year to that post. Here’s a link, maybe it’ll help someone out… I believe love coupons are the only coupon allowed on Valentine’s Day…If you use a Groupon, I’m totally gonna make fun of you. Openly.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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