day one

Today is a new day. I’m greeting it with a smile, an open heart and a new direction.

I’m guilty of lying to myself, but no more. It’s time to dig back in and give myself a giant wake up slap. I have the family and friend thing covered in spades, but it’s high time I make writing and exercise a priority in my life again. I actually miss both and I’m sick of making excuses for not doing them.

So you,my internet friends, have been put on notice. I’m back in the saddle. My latest WIP is titled THE REMEDIES and it’s a darker science fiction story. (don’t worry, it will have plenty of humor in it as well. How can I not be funny?) Today is Day1.

If I don’t report back, I’m asking you to hold me accountable. I must write something everyday–even if it’s a paragraph. And I have to tell you about it.

As far as fitness goes, I really want to run the half-marathon again next March. I’m not so much worried about weight loss (though I probably should be) but I am worried about being healthy and happy. So today is Day 1 again… I must do something physical every day and report back. If I don’t–you bitches better shame me.

I’m not even joking.

Now on a less serious note, check out my little friend. He was hurt and fluttering around unsuccessfully on our screened-in-porch last night. I moved him outside to save him from certain death by Bobcat Greyskull…

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