sowing the seeds

My blog title sounds deep, huh? Except I’m being literal…check out the progress on the seeds I have sown!

This is after 1 week of growth. I can’t wait for flowers!

Oh and before I forget, here’s my daily check in from yesterday:

Writing: No new words, but I read over my pages and notes that I’ve made.

Exercise: Walked on campus yesterday. Nothing really strenuous, but definitely movement. Today I will be going to the gym at lunch.

This past Saturday, a group of us got together for a patio cookout. Check out the view!

We had a great night…lots of food and laughter, and for once, I wasn’t the one taking all the pictures! I did, however, apply a filter to one of them just because I find it totally fun.

I’ve been told the next cookout will be held at the Compound de MelJefe. I suppose I should start looking for a date…and possibly purchase a grill. 🙂

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